Last Click Syndrome

Last Song/Click Syndrome
September 19, 2010, 8:03 pm
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Urban Dictionary, a site I find more reliable than Wikipedia, explains this so-called Last Song Syndrome:

1. To listen to music before going out of the house, and having the last song you hear before leaving stick in your head all through your journey, and beyond. Hmm, so this essentially means that LSS only happens to people who don’t have an iPod. Makes sense, considering that LSS can instantly be cured by just listening to a newer song while you’re on the road.

2. Is usually accompanied by subconscious humming. I remember once, while I was riding the train to Quezon City. I sat beside this middle-aged man reading a newspaper, and he was singing (not humming) Faithfully by Journey. Two train stations later he switched tracks. Kiss by Tom Jones. “You don’t have to be rich to be mah girl.” I stood up and gave my chair to a lady. The moral of the story: There are always perfect opportunities to be a gentleman.

3. This syndrome is particularly dangerous when the song happens to be the most pathetic, crappy, albeit catchy song ever. Oh, hell yeah. Imagine hearing that stupid Barney song before you go out to work, and you begin to sing it right in front of your boss.

I love my blog’s name. It’s a name that could instantly come to us from out of nowhere, yet it’s something that we never dare use in normal conversations. Perhaps it’s due to this conflict between our tongue and our teeth when we pronounce “last click”, but I still think it’s awesome.

So what happens when you have Last Click Syndrome? Here’s my take:

1. To browse the Internet before going out of the house and having the last site you’ve visited stuck in your head all throughout your journey. This is particularly evident in people who love to visit pornsites.

2. Is usually accompanied by staring into space or involuntary moving of the fingers as if typing on a keyboard or clicking on a mouse. Particularly evident on bloggers or those ridiculously hardworking videogame walkthrough writers. If symptoms persist, slice own fingers.

3. This syndrome is particularly dangerous when the site happens to be something as shallow as Farmville. Please don’t hate me.

So tell me. What is the last song that got stuck in your head? How did you manage to get rid of it?