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September 18, 2010, 3:50 pm
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So apparently it was some dude named John Barger who coined the term weblog in the year 1997. And this dude, John Barger, he was an essayist who wrote about James Joyce for some reason. His site, appropriately named Robot Wisdom, is baffling enough. Visitors would find a terribly disfigured homepage completely lacking of nice templates and satisfactory aesthetics, and this came from the guy who influenced millions of people into logging in everyday to write about anything they could think of.

Oh, yeah, this is the guy:

Yep, he looks like the type who’d do something revolutionary.

So what about the term blog? Is it merely a product of laziness among people who find it too tiring to pronounce the “we” in “weblog”? Apparently, a much cooler explanation exists in the form of a joke. Hell yeah, the term blog is a product of a joke. See, some guy named Peter Merholz, thinking he was witty enough, separated the word weblog in wee-blog in his site Peter Me, which is ten times better-looking than Barger’s Robot Wisdom. I’m not actually sure what came into Merholz for separating weblog into two words, but the explanation in his site simply tells us that the guy has a strong passion with words. And thus, the word blog came to life.

Here’s Peter Merholz.

John Barger has something that Peter doesn't have. Three guesses.

And pretty soon the word blog is used both as a noun (have a blog) and as a verb (blog the incident). And it was then that the term blogger has been coined by some Evan Williams, co-founder of two Internet biggies Blogger and Twitter.

Pretty boy Evan Williams really has something to brag about. Too bad he's a vegetarian.

Sure, there are plenty of things to be learned from the presentation of these three Internet icons. First is that the lack (or the excess) of hair doesn’t really matter when it comes to contributing to society. Second is that even a simple joke can turn into a worldwide phenomenon (take the viagra sheet, for example). Third is that big things have to start somewhere, and this is why I decided to go for a short linguistic history of the blog as my first post. I am hoping that I would be passionate enough to take care of this WordPress blog. During the past few years I feel like a net nomad, switching from one blog host to another because of the simple fact that I couldn’t really find my special place in the World Wide Web. This is simply one of my countless blogs (some are active, others have been forsaken), so again, I’m hoping for the best.

But seriously, just look at John Barger’s beard! I mean, whoa!