Last Click Syndrome

About Will

I’m a Scorpio, for those who would ask.

Will isn’t my real name, nor is it my official nickname. If truth be told, I exist in this world as another one of those unimportant nobodies carrying a cool name and an even cooler nickname. But I’m not just gonna go about and divulge some personal details, right?

I’m a self-confessed Internet freak (come to think of it, isn’t everyone?). I’ve been a blogger for eight years now, which is actually a short amount of time compared to those of the hardcore netizens. Oh, perhaps fifty percent of my entire life is found online, and trust me when I say that it’s not something worth bragging about. I have this peculiar obsession of registering to random Internet forums or social networking sites. You can already imagine how much computer-generated messages my real email address is receiving per day. I also have a narcissistic habit of Googling my full name just to see if I am still first among the search results.

When I’m offline (which happens rarely) I often find myself in the company of a good book. No specific genre defines my taste; I just read whatever it is I find worth reading. Horror, comedy, thriller, heck, even romance, I’d be willing to try them as long as I find the premise interesting. Just give me a good plot and you have me. Same goes for movies, which I truly adore and worship. I can watch any type of film as long as something in it pique my interest.

For some reason I also find time to play video games, role-playing games to be exact. I can find within my schedule some time to finish my Final Fantasy’s, my Suikoden’s, etc. Sometimes I wish that I can also begin a life-changing journey to save the world from an evil politician.

And please don’t ask if I play DOTA or Farmville, unless you want me to give you a long cold stare until you feel very uncomfortable and leave. I have nothing against people who play those games, but I’m a Literature major, thus I prefer my games to actually have a storyline that moves.

Which reminds me: Yes, I’m still working my ass off to finish college, and perhaps my passion for blogging stems from the fact that my chosen field is close to writing. God knows what’s in store for me once I’m out in the real world, but here’s hoping that it involves writing, my first love.

Anything you’d like to ask? Violent reactions? Marriage proposals? Feel free to email me at


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