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And This is Why Call Center Agents Earn Thousands
September 18, 2010, 7:44 pm
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I’m pretty sure more than fifty percent of netizens have already heard of this aptly called UCP Call Center Scandal, but I find it no harm to show it once again. This is a rare gem that I guess every (Filipino) blogger should have on their blogs.

It gets freakier each time I listen to it. To think that a woman like her exists somewhere in the world. I wouldn’t want to meet a bitch like her while walking in a dark alley.

Yet I can’t help but think that the entire turmoil could have been avoided if it wasn’t triggered by the call center agent. Notice at 00:24, when the woman says, “Gusto mong basagin ko tong screen niyo dito? Ha?” and the agent could only answer, “Kayo po.”

And the next ten minutes happens. Brilliant.

Now here’s another call center vid involving a male caller and a female agent. This is one those Epic Fail moments wherein the girl fails to hold the Mute button while she says, “Putang ina mo rin” right at the 3:41 mark.

And the next two minutes happens. Brilliant.

No matter where you look at it, though, the girl is at fault. But that’s my opinion. There are still those sympathizers on Youtube who say that the man shouldn’t have been arrogant during the call. But I tell you, there will always be dirty-mouthed callers out there and that is why it is part of the call center agents’ training to handle people like them.

Putang ina mo rin, ba’t ka magmumura, wala naman akong magagawa kung–

Epic fail.


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hey will, thanks for visiting my blog. 😀
the first time i was watching the first vid, i was literally laughing out loud but when i repeated it it made me kind of worried that yeah, some people do exist and live that way, making someone else’s life miserable. funny thing is that they really have got a lot of time and nag someone no?

again thanks and ‘ll try to update my links soon ah.

Comment by ced

I’ve heard these 2 vids before and yes you’re right these are gems. During our training when I was still in the call center industry, our trainer made us listen to the second one, and issued a warning that we will be blacklisted in all companies if we follow suit. Saan na kaya si Ate ngayon…

Comment by glentot

The second vid’s funny coz the woman sounded like an anime voice actress. Perhaps she can have a career as a Seiyū.

Comment by Will

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